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206/365 green travelling
holidays by train in europe
Image by rosipaw
Cycling past the railway station today, these new green trains caught my eye. I’ve always loved travelling by train. Seeing the rails here makes me want to hop on and start an improvised adventure, just like the Interrail trips I did around Europe decades ago, as a young university student. Apart from the environmental aspect, trains are ideal for people and scenery watching, getting a real sense of distance, and so much more comfortable than buses or coaches, let alone cramped cars that you have to drive yourself. It’s a pity that so many youngsters today think they are always in such a hurry that they’d rather opt for the budget airlines. They have little patience for the fascinating journey, with only the gleaming holiday destination in mind.

Back at home, some net research revealed that our national railway company has teamed up with the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation to promote green travelling, and accordingly painted the new trains with pictures of indigeneous Finnish animals, like the swans here, and forest and lake scenes. Great idea!

Slow day at the Paris’ Gare du Nord.
holidays by train in europe
Image by Poom!
This is after they told me it was a French holiday and most of the trains were sold out, and it would cost me 223 euro to travel from Paris to London, even with a Eurail pass. I worked around that by going to Brussels to catch the Eurostar to London, saving 130 euro in the process.