Which European rail pass must I buy?

France Rail Pass
by Darkroom Daze

Query by Josh: Which European rail pass ought to I buy?
I am leaving in a couple of weeks for a trip to Europe. My travel buddy and I will be starting in Edinburgh, traveling to (in this order) London, Paris, Nice, Cinque Terre, Florence, Naples, Rome. We are 23 years old (I say so due to the fact I believe we’d qualify as youth), Canadian, and not students. The whole trip is going to be four weeks, even though it’s only 21 days from our 1st train trip to our last.

What is the best rail pass for us to purchase? Need to we think about just getting a France and Italy pass, and producing separate plans for Edinburgh to London and for the Chunnel?

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Answer by Jon Russo
Trenitalia. I don’t know about Nice, but all of the Italian cities you’ll be wanting to take Trenitalia. I traveled from Italy up into Paris with it. All the major train stations in those cities will have Trenitalia. So, I would appear into Trenitalia for the majority of your trip and uncover an additional for Edinburgh to London and the Chunnel.

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