TGV [Train à Grande Vitesse] Luxembourg (L) to Paris (F)

The TGV (French: Train à Grande Vitesse, meaning high-speed train) is France’s high-speed rail service, currently operated by SNCF Voyages, the long-distance rail branch of SNCF, the French national rail operator. It was developed during the 1970s by GEC-Alsthom (now Alstom) and SNCF. Although originally designed to be powered by gas turbines, the TGV prototypes evolved into electric trains. Following the inaugural TGV service between Paris and Lyon in 1981, the TGV network, centered on Paris, has expanded to connect cities across France and in adjacent countries. A TGV test train driven by Eric Pieczak set the record for the fastest wheeled train, reaching 574.8 km/h (357.2 mph) on 3 April 2007.[1] A TGV service previously held the record for the fastest scheduled rail journey with a start to stop average speed of 279.4 km/h (173.6 mph),[2][3] which was surpassed by the Chinese CRH service Harmony express on the Wuhan–Guangzhou High-Speed Railway in 2009. The success of the first line led to an expansion of the network, with new lines built in the south, west, north and east of the country. Eager to emulate the success of the French network, neighbouring countries such as Belgium, Italy, Spain and Germany built their own high-speed lines. TGVs link with Switzerland through the French network, with Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands through the Thalys network, and the Eurostar network links France and Belgium with the United Kingdom. Several lines are planned
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  4. When will India make one???Alstom has already given its transfer of technology for LHB coaches

  5. Thank you for your “polite” comment concerning my “confusion” and “nonsense” talk. Nowhere did I mention anything about the manufacturer or builder of the trains. That was your understanding. The nationalities I mentioned simply refer to where the trains operate and/or which countries own them, but not to where they were built.

  6. Sorry but You talk nonsense by making confuse the countries which crosses the Eurostart & his real builder
    Yes it crosses France, Belgium & England but there is a cousin of the French TGV (HSR or HST for you) with the same & the only technology 100 % French
    The Eurostar is the same train as the French TGV made by the same French builder ALSTOM, which is just personalized for the tastes of 3 countries which it crosses and not only France as his big brother the French TGV

  7. The Eurostar is just & only a copy of the French TGV made for Europe and for travels between France and England (and not France and his neigbourgs on the European Continent)
    And of course the both are made by the same French corporations : ALSTOM
    Thus fortunatly it’s normal if the Eurostar looks like to the French TGV, it’s the same TGV (or train HSR for you) in the origines…

  8. @silkillah972:
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  9. @lukestarspeeder

    Yes, the TGV is similar in concept to the Eurostar but it has been around for a lot longer. More than 13 years longer.

  10. @lukestarspeeder

    * French Fast Trains = TGV = Train à Grande Vitesse. They operate mostly in France but also cross the border to other countries including Luxembourg.

    * Channel Tunnel Fast Trains = British+French+Belgian = Eurostar. They operate between London and Paris and/or Brussels with seasonal route extentions.

    * Italian Fast Train = TAV = Treno Alta Velocità.

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