25 thoughts on “Sky News Eurostar UK Speed Record 208 MPH”

  1. @LMB222 To call it a failure is a bit hard. If time matters there are many
    lines where you can save time. And the comfort is much higher than for
    example at the TGV. But you’re right, the ICE isn’t perfect and we need to
    reconfigure the network to concentrate at the mainlines and highspeed
    routes. The rest should be served by a better IC network.

  2. There is little point of all this on a little island in the North Sea. When
    everybody could remain at home dealing commodities that come no where

  3. What a fucking stupid comment to make, of course it was the driver who made
    the record breaking run, and why should he have any sweat on his brow? He
    drives trains like this every day, it’s his profession and so being nervous
    shouldn’t come into it. What next eh, the first man on the moon /in space
    wasn’t Neil Armstrong/Yuri Gagarin but the people who built the rockets?

  4. @NeoDerGrose Yes, perhaps not a “failure”, but IMHO “didn’t grow to
    expectations”. As for the TGV, the standing places near the toilettes are
    quite famous for their comfort.

  5. It’s not a safety issue but a gauging issue. The Euro and UK gauges (not
    track gauges) but clearances are different. That is why the ICE had to do a
    slow speed run on test, and the TGV also did a slower run, but both were
    only trials. Don’t expect to see a TGV on the run, but the DB ICE most
    certainly will

  6. @suncoolclose please bear in mind that I was talking about “average trade
    speed”, speed between station A and B, not average or max speed between
    stops, which is indeed not that bad. What spoils the average are those
    damned villages where the train absolutely must stop. As for commuter
    trains, German ones are quite good. 130km/h between stops is nothing

  7. 334km/h? Isn’t that “a bit” below the standard speed of modern TGV-like
    trains sold to Korea or Spain?

  8. @achtungtony The TGV doesn’t meet UK safety standards, which is why the
    Eurostar exists in the first place rather than just allowing TGVs to travel
    through the tunnel.

  9. @NeoDerGrose Fortunately no longer Ludwigshafen, but in Rheinland you have
    still stops between Köln and Düsseldorf, a mere 25km, or better Duisburg,
    8km. I’ve completely switched to IC due to similar speed (200km/h where
    possible), and their much bigger comfort. ICE is crammed, with little leg
    room. For me, ICE is clearly a failure.

  10. @suncoolclose Yes, they do 300km on… two sections. Do two sections
    consitute a network? Do fast trains in the UK don’t stop in towns 8km
    apart? In Germany I’ve been on “fast” ICE’s, which stopped in Duisburg and
    Oberhausen, Mannheim and Ludwigshafen, and their average speed was barely
    higher than 100km/h. In case of ICE, it’s a load of marketing BS, unless
    you travel between Köln and Frankfurt, or north of Münich. Not an example
    to copy, I reckon.

  11. @Andyhinds I agree. If he’s still nervous then he probably isn’t right for
    that job, let’s be honest.

  12. Interesting that the ‘driver’ didn’t have an ounce of sweat on his brow!
    Did he really make the recording breaking run, or was it the people who
    provide the electricity and the engineers who build the motive power? –
    Sadly they never get a mention!

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