How safe is travelling by Eurostar?

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Query by persephone: How secure is travelling by Eurostar?
so i am planning on going to london. first paris and then to london.
i travelled with the eurostar final year but i’ve study so much about terrorist attacks on it (that the threat is fairly higher) and now i am scared. i never wanna drown!
or there is just basically an accident and the ceiling will come down…

how safe is it?

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Answer by Rapidly Reg
What terrorist attacks…?

Eurostar is completely protected. The service has been operating for nearly 15 years and there has never been a security incident, injury or death on Eurostar. As it is an international service it has complete security and frontier checks the identical that you would encounter at an airport, so it is no more vulnerable to terrorist attack.

Just unwind and quit reading so much ill-informed nonsense. The Eurostar is a wonderful way to travel and is considerably much more hassle-free and civilised than flying.


Rowan O: The fires were on the Le Shuttle vehicle trains and not on the Eurostar. Confident Eurostar solutions have been affected as a outcome of the fire harm to the tunnels, but they had been not involved in any way with either of these incidents.

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