24 thoughts on “EUROSTAR Paris-London (1/2)”

  1. Yes i know, It is one of the good european collaboration. Btw the fleet (the current or new one) is either french (Altom) or german ( Siemens) but not british….

  2. This debate is pointless. Its ALL a colab! The new fleet is British made, the old one French? Who cares, its a great system, although its cheaper to fly now.

  3. Eurostars trains are french made (ALSTOM). Eurostar compagny is mostly french (55%) then british (40%)and belgian (5%)

  4. I know ALSTOM is a French company, but the Eurostar was made by different companies working together in Britain, France and Belgium.

  5. India will have lots of fast trains.
    Soon one will be able to travel by train from Mumbai to Lima, Peru, via the new crossing planne for the Bearing Strait.
    It will take less time by train than by boat to make such a journey; when completed, there will be no need to change trains, either, it will be an express train.

  6. how did u check in your baggage? is it like the way u check in for planes or u have to take the baggages with u in the train cabin?

  7. Plane is about two hours slower than train if you take in check in times and connections. You are unlikely to do paris to london in under 4 hours. Airport alone can be 40 mins out of city then check in time, hour 50 minute flight and getting back into the city centre. Eurostar centre to centre 2 hours 13 minutes

  8. How is the ferry the best way to get to england from france the plane is probably the best way and not many people would want to take a cruise across the channel anyway. Eurotunnel can get get you thre quicker than ferry.

  9. pal i agree that in pherry you can see the channel and you have a great view but there is no need to close the eurotunnel.the eurotunnel is a great passage from europe to great britain and if you want to see the nice of the channel just dont go throw the tunnel but theres no need to close the tunnel.

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