20 thoughts on “EUROSTAR. JAVELIN.LONDON TOUR.MY LADY.21.07.2014”

  1. A very enjoyable trip out there with yourself and Lady June – and it didn’t
    cost me a penny! Lovely bit of action from the Javelins and
    Eurostars(surprised how little the fence was for that low shot compared to
    all the palisade fencing springing up on the WCML and MML)and nice to get a
    freight too – even if it was one that passed Wellingborough ­čÖé P.S. Think
    it might have been me who mentioned trying here ;-)´╗┐

  2. Thanks once again. This was particularly interesting as I know Rainham very
    well. My sister lives about 200yards East of the station.

    When she moved there in the 60’s there was a goods yard between her house
    and the running lines. Stanier and BR 2-6-4Ts on the locals and a variety
    of steam on the feight. Now you can’t see the line as there are blocks of
    flats in the way!

    The bridge you were filming from was built as the road, Ferry Lane, was
    closed to traffic when the Eurostar line was built. There was a signal box
    on the south side of the track on the east side of Ferry Lane.

    Sorry, I have gone on a bit, thanks again.

  3. good video mate

    the 66726 is from uxbridge to wellingburgh emptys with 503’s 640/9 wagons
    and a balfour beatty tamper because they are replacing 4 kilometers of

  4. Nice wee change seeing euros and javelins they sure show up the 390’s at
    speed dream one day of working on the eurostar fingers crossed. nice see
    parts of london also cheers keith ´╗┐

  5. good video as all ways its always nice to see you put that lovely wife of
    yours in it nice videos and you two take care and look after your selfs
    great videos´╗┐

  6. You need 16:9 support from moviemaker to get 16:9 pics. Your video is
    being forced into a 4:3 frame therefore if you want unspoiled pics you
    should change the setting of the camera to 4:3 for pics. If your camera
    doesn’t support 4:3 your stuck. I really don’t understand why you don’t
    buy W7 for £40+ on ebay. You probably spend 10x that a week on travelling
    and to be honest, your videos will shine with beautiful clarity.. your
    viewers will enjoy the videos much more.. If your technophobic I will
    provide a one time service of coming to your house with my PC and give you
    1-1 instructions. That way, you can’t lose.´╗┐

  7. nice video keith the class 66 of freightliner was from earles sidings hope
    to west Thurrock cement train via Wellingborough at 0957 from james freeman
    in oxford´╗┐

  8. Nice video, great to meet you at Rainham, and THANK YOU for letting us be a
    part of your video, my boy Bailey was chuffed/over the moon to see himself
    on screen with the eurostar & javelin. Regards Howie & Bailey´╗┐

  9. A very nice film. enjoyed see all the sites,and the Eurostar train flashing
    by, sure do move. ´╗┐

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