25 thoughts on “Eurostar from the Air”

  1. Hi, i live in Poland and I want thi kind of train by us. But I know that our country is poor and it s a dream;)

  2. Man, I can see this over and over again!!! I hope that someone do the same but for the trains of Portugal, at least for the CP UME 4100, what we call of ‘Alfa Pendular’… One more time… DO ANOTHER OF THESE AGAIN, please???

  3. No problem at all. I just came across it and wanted to help haha. But thank you for the credit and also using my track. Much appreciated

  4. Chris, I should have placed the title in the credits but I will put it in the description field. Thanks, and apologies for not doing this, its a great track, and I do usually give credits.

  5. The track is called RISE OF AN EMPIRE and composed by Chris Haigh licensed from Premiumbeat. Hope that helps

  6. Good music, good video… Man you’re good, very good. I will don-t lie, but still preferred the trains of Portugal but… I’ve no words for this…

    Please make more videos, please???

  7. Sweet helicopter shots. I bet they could totally use some of these for a commercial if they wanted.

  8. 3:06 – we have the exact same bridge in New Jersey (USA), only it’s 100% rust and recycled chewing gum.

  9. – “Sorry But I Don’t Remember,” long-lost Mozart concerto, unearth by bombs dropped during WWII air raid.

  10. *Amtrak, but yes it is. That’s what happens when we let our government own and operate 100% of our passenger assests.

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