Eurostar Driver’s eye view preview puts you in the cab of a 300 kmh (186 mph) Eurostar – an exhilarating expertise! This Driver’s eye view puts you on board a train from Brussels to London St Pancras International calling at Lille Europe and Ebbsfleet International. To purchase the complete journey on DVD or Blu-ray log on to For low cost Eurostar deals. The Eurostar service began in November 1994 connecting Waterloo Station in London, Gare du Nord in Paris and Brussels-South station in Brussels. By 1995, the Eurostar managed to attain an typical speed of 106.6 mph in between London and Paris. In January 1996, the United Kingdom was lucky enough to have a second station when Ashford International opened. On the 16th of May possibly a new record was set for the fastest non-cease high-speed journey, traveling from London to Cannes with a distance of 883 miles taking 7 hours and 25 minutes. Throughout the years, Eurostar’s fares have turn out to be much less pricey, in 1994 the cheapest return fare in the UK was costing £99, by 2003 they had decreased to £59 return, and then by July 2009 a 1-way fare decreased to £31 at its cheapest.
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  1. These are the only real fruits of modern times. Not smaller dictionaries and checking out my own grocieries.

  2. I have seen your ads in various train magazines, but not really bothered. Having seen this however has sparked my interest, and when I visit the UK in May, will see about buying a few Blueray videos. Thanks for the post

  3. The music is a track on a professional voice over album from a company called YOPO productions. The track is “Time Zone Traveller”. Composer is Jonathan Slatter who composes most of our music.

  4. It is hard to respond to this, as if we don’t know who we have employed. I can only imagine that you are hearing the English narration with Jonathan Kydd. I can assure you that the French narration is with Yves.

  5. Its definitely not Yves Aubert dong the comm, I know him from old recording days and he doesn’t sound like this guy!

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