Eurostar Driver View Timelapse

Eurostar Driver View Timelapse This is the drivers eye view of a Eurostar journey from Paris to London St Pancras timelapsed.

Eurostar, the high speed passenger train will soon be making history as the High Speed 1 project nears it’s completion. From November 14th 2007, Eurostar will move home from London Waterloo to London St. Pancras and will open a new station at Ebbsfleet, Kent. In addition to Eurostar’s new homes we will also be using the high speed line to connect with the channel tunnel and Europe at speeds of 186MPH, the fastest train service in the UK. Welcome to High Speed Europe!

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  1. It shows why HS1 was so expensive – and late – compared to LGV – the tunnels. The UK always seems to find the most complicated and expensive way of doing things (Wembley stadium, Crossrail, HS2 etc…etc..)

  2. When this was filmed, did the train actually go nonstop? Doesn’t it stop at Lille, Calais, Ashford, and Ebbsfleet?

  3. That first part of the trip is not from Paris-Nord, but from Brussel-Zuid (Midi). The flyover at the start of the video carries the Eurostar/Thalys/TGV line (96N) over the other tracks, and the line continues to Halle, where it then becomes High Speed Line “L1”. It runs to Lille, then ends just before Lille-Europe TGV.

  4. We travelled Paris to London and back. It was an experience, you don’t feel traveling at 280 miles an hour.

  5. It really is just like the animation. A great way to travel to Europe. They have started to skimp a bit in premier class though by not serving champagne as you depart and also the trains are getting ready for an overhaul inside.

  6. Amtraks to poor to build something this well. i bet Eurostar doesnt have to worry about being bankrupt all the time like amtrak

  7. Planes do just fine for the U.S., rail in this country is very much of a money drain except for freight, that is a fantastic value.


  8. Wow! I can’t wait till Eurostar gets its new trains from Siemens- hopefully, they’ll be allowed to run through the Channel Tunnel (as well as Deutsche Bahn its trains).

  9. HEY! Now U can visit all the various shades of zio-con puppet “KILL WHITEY!” regimes with economical speed! =D

  10. Yeh it is lol, but for some reason the british see crossing the english channel to continental europe as “going to europe” dont ask me why, i guess its because we’re a seperate island state

  11. Eurostar just broke their patnership with SNCF yesterday, making them a fully private operator. You would be happy to know that they have purchased ten brand new Velaro e350 trains as their first major private investment.

  12. Amtrak is a total disaster. It just goes to show what happens when the government decides to take total control of an industry and monopolize it. They ruin it and the airline lobbyists keep it that way. There are so many laws that make competition for Amtrak so difficult that it scares away private high speed rail companies such as Eurostar.

  13. I agree. Europe’s transportation infrastructure is WAY ahead of the US. Their airports, railways, and highways are all much more efficiant. Just yesterday Eurostar announced that it has severed its patnership with SNCF and is now a fully private high speed rail company. They have ordered ten Velaro e350’s for expansive service into Germany and Southern France. High Speed Rail can thrive without public funds, despite popular belief. Eurostar, NTV, and SE Rail are all examples.

  14. Whoever designed the toilets needs shooting – Floors totally wet, a nasty smell, appallingly designed hand basins and surrounds always wet, and the ladies toilets always have a long queue outside.

  15. St Pancras International WOW!. I think Wiliam Barlow would approve of what we have done to his wonderful 1800`s building. 🙂

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