Britse regering verkoopt haar belang in Eurostar

Britse regering verkoopt haar belang in Eurostar
De Britse regering gaat haar belang in Eurostar verkopen, in de hoop 380 miljoen euro op te halen. Met de controversiële verkoop begint een nieuwe privatiseringsgolf waarmee de komende zes jaar 25 miljard euro van de staatsschuld (1.77 biljoen euro) …
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School trip is re-routed so Jaynie could go
He said: “We had planned to go on Eurostar for a couple of months, and then we were informed 24 hours before that we could not take the wheelchair. I said we would have to change our travel arrangements because there was no way we were going without …
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Ebola Q and A: What you need to know
Two nurses who treated the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States are in isolation. A nursing assistant in Spain who contracted the disease has been declared free of the virus. Health officials have cleared many of the people who came …
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