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Question by trinitytough: European travel?
I plan on taking a trip to Europe in the summer. I will be starting out in Salzburg, Austria, but I pretty much have cart blanche as to where I go from there. I would like to hear from people who have traveled in Europe – what were your favorite places and things to visit? England and Italy are at the top of my list, so if anyone has any “non-touristy” places you loved in either of those countries, I love to hear about them, too.

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Answer by VonBaden
Some of the answer will depend on the time you have available; say if you have 2 months versus 2 weeks. Especially if you have the shorter time, but also important with longer times; do not be tempted to ‘see everything’. In my experience, people either love the travel experience and will definately be back, or hate it and could care less whether they missed anything. A common complaint I’ve seen is that people spend so much time on the train they don’t feel like they ‘got’ anyplace. This is not to say don’t use the long train rides, just plan to stay in a few places longer rather than a lot of places for a day or two.

My favorite country is definately Germany, so that is what I know best. There is a town called Freiburg in the south western corner near Switzerland and France. It is on the edge of the black forest. It is a neat university town with a lot of things to do in the area including the forest.

As for Italy, my favorite trip there took me to Cinque Terre (5 towns); which is the Italian Riviera. It is very pictaresque and has hiking and beaches all around. There were tourists, but it didn’t seem to matter once you actually had a place to stay.

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