european travel?

Question by Tony: european travel?
alright. I’m 17 years old and next summer I’m going to be taking a two month trip to Europe that I have been planning for the last two years. Now here are the countries I am thinking of visiting in order of necessity to visit. Ya know to see family and buddies

1. Germany
2. Spain
3. Romania
4. UK
6. Holland
7. Switzerland
8. Greece
9. Turkey
10. Russia

Now I have all of these countries included except for Russia. I need Ideas for the best country to start in, and the best to end in. Also need info on any festivals going on in these countries. Plus ideas of where to go in each country, and what to do. Tell me what I need to do, and what I need to miss. Any info would be much appreciated.

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Answer by Chris A
france is that best in Europe, believe me

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  1. ask a travel agency and pretend ur interested..they will point u to the right way.. and u can save some money and do it by urself.. but its more work

  2. Start in London. Get the train to France.. and work your way around.

    I’d end in Russia since it’s furthest away from them.

    Spain and Greece are overrated, but eh, that’s your choice.

    Netherlands is worth going to.

    As for where to go and stay and all of that.

    Also search around for blogs..

    Good luck, i’m going, but not for a good couple of years!

  3. Best general theme to go with…don’t be an ‘American’. Go to bars and bars and restaurants not in Lonely Planet (or take your pick of guide books). Try places that are not the typical tourist spot – you’ll get way more flavor and feel for the culture your trying to experience.

    Hostels are awesome, but in my experience, keep a cash stash for when you might need a stay in a ‘real’ hotel. A night or two in a place that’s all your own can help out to extend your sanity if your on a long trip (2+ months). Plus, being able to experience the local flavor, with the gender of your choice, works much better when you’ve got your own pad.

    Oh yeah, if it’s your first time abroad, start and stop in the UK – it will lessen your chance for culture shock. If you’ve got the dough for an open-jaw trip, start in UK and leave from….well, wherever you end up. Consider throwing your plans for order of countries to visit out the window and making it more of a wishlist. Go with the flow…

    Have fun and wish I were you!!!

  4. The most important thing to do while in Europe is to visit the whorehouses! and “sample” all the beautiful European hookers!
    especially in Amsterdam, Holland!

  5. Wow that’s quite a trip you are planning. Hmmm i strongly recommend you to take Interrail tickets which enable you to drive with trains in certain areas of Europe unlimited (for 2,3 weeks depends). Get more infos on . This will also help you to plan your trip, going from one region to another.

    Hostels in Europe are mostly pretty cheap and clean but its important that you make reservations before. (Especially if you travel in summer, at hight of tourist season). Hostels are full of young travelers like you, so you might meet you travel buddies.

    Check festivals and hostels at:

  6. Russia will be tricky, because you need a visa there, even as a tourist (and americans even need to fill out a special form, if I’m not mistaken, a relict from the cold war).
    Besides, you should plan your itinerary according to the geographical locations of each country, for example, France and is between germany and spain, with that itinerary, you end up travelling a lot more than necessary.
    I’d suggest : Spain, France, (via Calais or Eurotunnel to) UK, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Russia.That should minimize your travel expenses.

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