Europe Travel Planning: How To Plan An Affordable European Vacation

Europe Travel Planning: How To Plan An Affordable European Vacation Europe Travel Planning: How To Plan An Affordable European Vacation The ailing dollar and the robust Euro are making it almost impossible for many Americans to travel to Europe. But there are some tricks you can try to minimize the damage. Here are some tips for planning your European vacation from Travelocity’s Genevieve Brown. How To Plan An Affordable European Vacation Be smart with your money * A weak US dollar can make a European vacation or traveling anywhere abroad very expensive. * Planning your European vacation in advance can allow you to book all the elements at the same time—air, hotel, rental car, etc. in US dollars to avoid currency fluctuations. You can save an average of 0 by bundling your travel services together. * You can get hit with hefty ATM fees, like a currency conversion fee. Pay for as much as you can upfront, in dollars, before you leave. * Let your credit card company know that you’re planning a European vacation. International charges could lead to fraud alerts. * Travelers checks are always a good option as they are more secure than cash and offer better budget control than credit cards. Plan a vacation to these affordable destinations: Europe * Look for cities and countries that haven’t adopted the Euro yet—like Prague, Budapest, or Croatia. South America * In South America, check out Argentina—prices are about one-third cheaper than they are in the US But dont forget that their seasons are flipped. Asia * In Asia, look for

European destinations in pictures from Albania to Germany! Travel to Europe for memorable holidays. For more information visit

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