When ought to I purchase my train tickets for my europe trip?

europe train trip
by s2art

Question by Laura H: When should I buy my train tickets for my europe trip?
I’m traveling around England and France for 2-weeks visiting with friends. My british friend told me my best bet was to buy my train tickets (from london to sheffield: round trip, and from london to paris via chunnel) on some website about 2 weeks before I go. Is this the best way to do it? Any tips about cheap travel would be much appreciated!

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Answer by tempting_butnothanks
Train travel in Europe is very regular and can often be purchased within minutes of boarding the trains. if you friend lives there, he would have the best perspective on ensuring that you have tickets. perhaps its just so you don’t miss your train while trying to deal with the kiosk. but you’ll find that it’s a pretty simple process.

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