Q&A: Taking a trip on Europe with vehicle or train?

Question by Silvi: Taking a trip on Europe with car or train?
A friend of mine from UK ask us to take adventure trip accross Europe . Which one is better, take a trip with car or train?

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Answer by Maxi
Define ‘better’?

I have done both several times and they are different, although my memories of the train are great as it was not what I expected……….. the long distance trains with the couchettes is a self contained community.

On one trip we travelled from the UK, changed at Paris and travelled through France, thought Spain to Italy…in the main you can relax and go and chat to people as there are few if any stops…after changing trains to ‘normal’ trains I found it great to chat to the different people who got on and sat with us….from students wanting to learn some English to old ladies wanting to share the cake or basket of fruit with us………….those journeys were magical and we stood for hours watching the scenery out the window, would never have seen so much of the countries any other way……..

The car journeys…. your choice where to go, where to stop, how long to stay in each place…it is the freedom of the car, but you can’t get up and walk around, you can nip to the loo or chat to people you have never met while still continuing on your journey and the driver gets tired, if its warm, its uncomfortable……………….. and the only memory of car driving without thinking is stoping in Spain in the Baque area, it was night, everyone was tired, so we stopped to rest for a couple of hours and was woken by what sounded like someone climbing on the car……minds going out of control the driver just drove off…bump..bump…he fell off…………’he’ turned out to be a wild turkey but we all thought ‘man with gun’…………..

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