Q&A: Europe Trip (individuals who have been there)?

Question by AJ: Europe Trip (men and women who have been there)?
I want to strategy a trip to Europe and go to France, England, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Scottland, and Ireland All the tourist destinations essentially. I want to know how significantly would this trip cost me, how long need to I actually remain to get a complete enjoyment, would taking a group tour with a translator be better then going it alone with someone, and what would you recomend as a have to see?

I know seeing all these places is a lot but I would truly like to go to France, England and Italy as my principal destinations.

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Answer by missmillyb
Come to Europe it really is excellent you will be produced really welcome & have lots of enjoyable ,celebration & get to do so a lot of interesting & cultural items. You need to primarily sleep in hostels or B&B’s & get an interail card ?travel cards if you want to travel on the low-cost. There are loads of sites to assist you out.
Amsterdam for instance has an ‘Iamsterdam’ card for about 25 Euros for 1 day (45 Euros for 3 days) & this gets you cost-free travel in the city, free entry to places which includes 20 museusms & discounted costs elsewhere e.g Eateries. London has a equivalent card. If you fly within Europe use low price range airlines like Easyjet etc. But train is very good esp on mainland Europe.
Southern/Middle Europe is extremely hot & sunny at the moment but Northern Europe is a bit on the cooler side & Very Wet (esp UK & Ireland).

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