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Calgary students need to barter Red Bulls in travel Europe contest
… teams travel across Europe for a week by bartering with 24 Red Bull cans. The trio, which have dubbed themselves The Executive Team, plans to use their Canadian charm to take them to the finish line. &quotIt&#39s not like we&#39re going to go up to a train …
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Why has no Thatcher or Reagan emerged for our troubled times?
A year ago this coming Tuesday, I was travelling to London on a train, correcting the proofs of my biography of Margaret Thatcher. As we reached Charing Cross, I signed off the last page of the book (which issues victory in the Falklands war). When I …
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An Exacting Man: Columbus Crew Coach Gregg Berhalter
They helped him turn into the very first American head coach in European soccer. And they set him apart …. This applies to everything: how to train, how to program for the future, how to cull the useful info out of piles of information and opinions. Mendelsohn …
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