Ever take an escourted train trip through Europe using the Vacations By Rail organization?

Query by redwood_junction: Ever take an escourted train trip by means of Europe using the Vacations By Rail business?
We are arranging a trip to Europe this summer time with two children, ages 12 and 8, and it was encouraged that we take a tour provided by a organization referred to as “Vacations By Rail”. The tour that looks like a great fit is referred to as “Contrasts of Europe” (http://www.vacationsbyrail.com/europe/train_tours/contrasts_of_europe/index.html). Anyone ever take it? If so, what are your thoughts?
The company that actually runs the tours is Trafalgar Tours.

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Answer by conley39
I haven’t completed this tour, but I have lived in northern Italy for the last ten years and travel extensively by train such as all of these routes except London – Paris at 1 time or yet another.

This looks like a great tour and Trafalgar is a reliable tour supplier. My preference is for independent travel due to the fact I choose the flexibility to spend a lot more time and see factors that catch my interest someplace rather than becoming tied to a certain schedule. Even so, that way you do not have somebody there to explain what you’re seeing or to answer questions. You would also have to do all the bookings your self.

The trains are a nice way to travel. Generally, you begin and end in the cities themselves and do not have to devote extra time traveling to/from airports, checking in, obtaining by way of security, waiting for baggage, and you do not have to be at the station an hour or two early. This definitely hits a quantity of the main tourist spots and will give you a pretty excellent overview of every. Have a wonderful time!

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