On A Rail: Europe Eurail Surf Trip Trailer 1 HD

www.onarail.com http On A Rail: Europe is the first installment of a new voyage in surfing travel. Tar Productions teamed up with Surfing Magazine to bring the world this amazing sightseeing journey. The first trailer reveals the waves potential in western Europe along side some of the most beautiful scenery that can be seen through a train’s window. Our route was Portugal, France, Spain, Paris, London and up into the highlands of Scotland. Hope you enjoy! Please comment, favorite and subscribe to our videos.

24 thoughts on “On A Rail: Europe Eurail Surf Trip Trailer 1 HD”

  1. Just got back from Europe and want to go back, just picked up the film too!!! Can’t wait to screen with some friends!

  2. So rad I was in Europe fall 91 taking a train from Paris to Biarritz(Anglet)we bouhgt a car though because trains did not gewt you to the knooks and crannies etc…surfed so much and this was before surfing blew up there, it was pretty empty. Can not wait to see the vid and close my eyes and flashback. Good Job

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