Looking for advice on a trip to Asia?

Question by : Looking for advice on a trip to Asia?
I am 23 years old, and my friend and I are very interested in traveling to Asia. My love for traveling has been passed down to me by my father, who has taken me all across Europe and most of the United States. I have traveled alone before, but I have never PLANNED and traveled on my own before.

That being said, going on travel websites is giving me a headache. I want to go sometime in the SPRING of 2012, so that it isn’t too hot, and not too cold (although I’ve heard spring is rainy, so maybe January?). The travel websites all want SPECIFIC dates, which I have no idea yet!

What I am asking is this: where do I start? I do NOT want a tour package, I want to explore myself. Somewhere where I could hire a translator for a few hours a day for the duration may be helpful, and my friend has been taking Mandarin. How did you plan your trip? Where did you go? What can you recommend?

I was thinking either a Shanghai / Hong Kong trip or a Kyoto / Tokyo trip, and taking a train in between? Anyone who has done this I would love to hear from you!!!

Thanks guys, look forward to your responses!!

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Answer by potatochip
Spring is good as depending on where you are going, some parts of Asia will not be as hot.

You can start out with http://www.kayak.com and say you are flexible with dates of travel. Just type the city you are flying from and where you are going. Then just make up some dates during the spring and it will show you a bunch of prices.

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