I am hunting for the most reasonably priced destination in Europe for about a weeks holiday in Oct. 2008.?

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by Chris Devers

Question by Squeak: I am looking for the most reasonably priced location in Europe for about a weeks holiday in Oct. 2008.?
My wife and I would Enjoy to finally make it to Europe for our anniversary in 2008. Anyone have any reccomendations for a reasonable destination value wise? We would require RT air from Houston, TX and hotel, rail pass or rental auto and so forth. Any aid would be tremendously appreciated. Ireland would be our best decision, but if there is anything less high-priced, we would definitely entertain that. Absolutely nothing is off the table for Russia to Spain. Thanks!

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Answer by Paul H
I can’t tell you what the least costly is, but I will say that on our European trip / Mediterranean cruise the most pricey (by far) was London, England. We stayed in Italy, France, Spain, England, Greece, etc. and one of my preferred locations is Spain. The individuals are friendly, relaxed, and laid back. The history is rich, the climate warm, the scenery is amazing and the food is terrific. We’ll go back for confident.

Congrats on the anniversary and great luck in deciding!

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