How Do You Backpack By means of Europe?

Query by oOHero of TimeoO: How Do You Backpack By way of Europe?
i havent even started college however and im organizing a trip lol. i dont have a rhyme or purpose as to how, when, exactly where, or what im going to do when i leave. how exactly does an individual embark on such an adventure??

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Answer by Brian
I have been backpacking in Europe since just before you were born (gawd, I am old!). It’s the only way I ever regarded as seeing Europe. Now I teach a college seminar on how to travel independently through Europe.

It is simple to jump on a group package tour, but you’re restricted to the tour’s itinerary and you happen to be stuck with the other vacationers on the bus, some of whom can very easily be people you’d in no way want to socialize with in your life. That even occurs on tours, such as these presented by Contiki, that are geared for young travelers.

So how do you organize your trip? Homework. For starters, decide where you want to go. Go to a very good bookshop and appear through the numerous travel guides in the “Foreign Travel” section. I have always liked the “Let’s Go: Europe” guides. Also, Rick Steves’ “Europe Even though the Back Door” has a lot of great tips. Find the guide that appears to “speak” to you.

You will want to get a backpack that is comfortable. You will uncover you will in no way once more purchase a suitcase. I use my conversion pack for all my travel, whether or not company or pleasure. It looks like soft luggage, but when you unzip the back panel, out pop shoulder straps. Numerous conversion packs also have wheels. Attempt on a number of at a sporting goods store, load them with weight (I discovered cast-iron cookware in a camping display to weight mine!) and stroll about the shop to make confident the pack fits effectively for your physique shape and size.

Start off arranging your trip using a calendar, train timetables and a great map of Europe (they’re totally free if you or your parents are AA-Plus members. You can also get arranging maps from European info solutions in the U.S.). Go to German Rail’s Internet site for a wonderful trip planner, Click on the English-language alternative on the upper correct hand corner. German Rail’s internet site is 1 of the very best I’ve ever identified, and it covers trains all more than Europe, not just in Germany. Remember, though, when it comes time for you to in fact take your trip, go back and appear up all those trains once again to make sure they’re nonetheless operating! Some lines close, schedules adjust, and so forth.

Ultimately, speak to friends who have traveled in Europe prior to to get their personal insights and ideas. When you get to college, go to the campus international students office and see if they have social events, such as coffees or parties, to which American students are invited to mingle. Get to know students from European countries and ask their recommendations for issues to see. Who knows? You may end up getting a guest in your new friends’ houses! Seeing Europe from an insider’s perspective is a superb, valuable encounter.

Great luck to you! I am impressed that you are already planning ahead. Bravo!

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