Train or bus travel around Europe?

Question by Wonx2150: Train or bus travel around Europe?
I’m travelling to Denmark in may to visit my girl friend and we are wondering about travelling around parts of Europe together I’ve found a company that sells train packages that are nice. although there’s a catch you can not buy them if your a European resident (that my gf is). I’m wondering does anyone know any company’s that offer packages to travel around Europe? that are not to much and you can pick where you would like to go you just get a ticket that gets you onto lots of trains/bus’s cheap?

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100% Train best view you will ever see……..

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  1. I’m assuming that you are tallking about the Eurail pass. For European residents, there is the Interrail pass with similar conditions.


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    There is also the option of bus with busabout and eurolines pass, but I would personally always shell out the extra money for train or plane. A bus ride of 18 hours might sound reasonable, but not many people actually realise just how uncomfortable this is until they are on for the ride!

  2. from CPH to Hamburg is 4 hr train, 8 bus. The tip of jutland to Ham is 8 hr, 16 to Amsterdam (60$ one way bus, CPH to Ham 50-80 train, to amsterdam 140$ ). DK is isolated, there are only 4/5 trains into germany for the whole country each day….plan carefully

    Buy EUrail, get only DK and the countries you want, benelux, germany, etc….500$ (10 train rides in 2 months)

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