Q&A: What is the best or cheapest inexpensive airfare or vacation package from Chicago to Amsterdam?

Query by psychofizzy: What is the very best or least expensive economical airfare or vacation package from Chicago to Amsterdam?
I have a year until the trip, so I am seeking for occasional deals or random offers, or guidance on whether or not to fly from Chicago to NY or Chicago to London or Europe somewhere, or just straight by way of? Thanks!

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Answer by tompink
Not realizing your dates, I just checked on travelocity.com
for October, considering that June 15 to sept. 15 is higher season, it price $ 300 or $ 400 more than off season.
In october chicago to london was about $ 724 on virgin,
from NYC to Longon was about $ 624, so it’s probably excellent to just go from chi town unless you want to stop in ny.
One particular issue i like to do is search for a number of destination tickets on expedia or travelocity.
In december, i flew Miami to amstredam,
then returned from madrid to miami, I took trains in among and didn’t have to return to Amsterdam.
It was more affordable than a roundtrip to either city!!!
Also play around with the days of the week. sometime there is a hundred $ $ difference from a single day to the next.

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