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I will be going to Frankfurt and traveling to Paris then Barcelona, I want to take the train to see the country side is there some good advice how i can handle this. Such as good time to buy a ticket, avoid rush hour, package deal with the train and hotel if possible. And any good places to stay at a affordable price if they do not have a package deal. Well i really don’t want to stay in Paris is there somewhere outside that is better besides the normal tourist attractions. See the old country not tourist traps thanks to ever can help me. I’m not on a tight budget but would be nice. thanks again

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Answer by conley39
Eurail sells passes that can be used on the trains in participating countries. For example, if you have a pass that’s good for 4 days in a month, then you can use it on four days of your choice regardless of the number of trains you take in those 4 days. Eurail passes are not valid in the UK and are not expected to be.

You can use Eurail passes on a night train, but there will be an additional supplement to pay for a berth on the train. http://www.eurail.com/support/use-pass/h… . There are also supplements for fast trains and international trains that vary by country: http://www.eurail.com/support/planning-y…

Generally, it is cheaper to buy individual tickets for trains here in Italy that to use a Eurail pass, but it may be worth the money for your trip. Note that with a pass, you still need to make reservations for the fast trains and pay an additional 10 euro per train. The supplements for the few night trains will be more if you get a berth. Further, there are discounts on individual tickets for the fast trains available if you buy them in advance. There are some regional trains for which you do not have to pay a supplement, but individual tickets are cheap compared to the daily cost of a pass. These trains are also slow because they make a lot of stops and can require train changes depending on your specific trip.

There is a huge amount of information on train travel and Eurail passes here: http://www.seat61.com/ . The site will tell you how to determine whether a pass is worth the money for your trip or individual tickets are best, which pass (if any) best suits your trip, and how to use the pass if you have one. It also has information on things to avoid to get the most out of a pass. For example, see the section called “Common railpass mistakes: Italy…” and “Railpasses – a warning about ‘quotas’…”: http://www.seat61.com/Railpass-and-Eurai… pass range

As for places to stay, check:

http://www.venere.com/ – hotels/B&Bs – prices for the same hotel can vary hugely depending on the season and what local events are going on.

http://www.hostelbookers.com/ – hostels.

Hostels are a cheap option if you don’t mind dormatory style accomodations.

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