Train Case For Makeup Artists

Ok so i’ve decided to put a bit of info in this box because i would just go on and on if i did it during the video. Anyways to new artists, this is a video for you so you can get a basic idea what you need in your kit. I have watched previous videos and seen people who just carry one brand or just have a load of mac products. I love mac products, but they are expensive, and there is a wide range of alternatives out there to buy. i think thats what people worry about just because your a professional artist doesn’t mean u need to have mac, mac, mac! hopefully you find this helps. The majority of eyeshadows and foundations i have, i bought while i was in college from a company called lady burd. They basically sell cosmetics without putting a brand lego on it. I highly rate these products. They are good and give excellent results. you can check out the website. I’m not sure they allow you to buy online, but they do hold trade shows throughout America and Europe. here’s the link: I got the train case from a english website here is the link I also buy expensive brands from they also have a uk, europe and usa site. just change the region once on the site. please subscribe any questions just email them to me or post on this video Where Else You Can Find Me: Blog: Facebook: Twitter: Website: Great Deals On Sigma Brushes: