Q&A: We are palnning to tour Europe, plane or train?

Question by JDM: We are palnning to tour Europe, plane or train?
We are planning to tour Europe during June/July and I want to know which would be best, to go by plane or train. We want to start in London and go to Paris from there. Cost wise which is cheaper. I know you will see more on the train but we dont want to sit in a train for most of the 3 weeks. Any tips or thoughts, ideas that worked for you?

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Answer by frustratedly in love.
You can fly from all London Airports to Paris. You can take the EuroStar train from London to Paris.

Flying is quicker and cheaper.

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  1. If you’re travelling to Paris from central London it will certainly be quicker to take the train, once you figure in the 1 or 2 hours check-in time, plus time wasted in airport security theatre – and probably cheaper too. Don’t forget that you have to pay to get to and from the airports before and after your flight, so factor that in when you’re working out your total travel costs.

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