Inside North Korea by an American Tourist – Part 1 of 4 HD (TRAIN PORTION)

Train travel from China to North Korea: Beijing-Pyongyang. May 2010. See Videos 2, 3 and 4 for the walking tour of the DPRK. This was a propaganda tour that brings tourists to the country’s showcase cities and most fertile regions. I posted these videos to give people who are thinking about visiting North Korea an overview of what they will likely see there (A variety of tours are offered but in general the itineraries are similar). These videos are not truncated or narrated, making them long and often boring, but NK footage is rare, so more is better in this case. I was mostly allowed to film openly because, again, it was of the best areas with the better fed and dressed elite population that the NK government wants the outside world to see — which is poor, yet not much worse off than Eastern Europe or China was in the late 1970’s. Don’t be fooled though, these images are not representative of most of North Korea. Look for hidden videos smuggled out to see how too many North Koreans live, with oppression, famine, orphans, and not to mention the 200000 political victims living in soviet style Gulag camps. Should you hurry up and visit North Korea before it collapses? Unfortunately, you likely have many years to plan a trip, because nothing looks to change anytime soon. South Korea, China and the USA are all content with North Korea’s continued existence. The US and South Korea have many non-military avenues to take if it wanted the regime to collapse, because North Korea

25 thoughts on “Inside North Korea by an American Tourist – Part 1 of 4 HD (TRAIN PORTION)”

  1. Spooky how everyone in the park(s) is either facing the train or looking right at it, no matter how far away they are from the train…

  2. north korea isn’t poor at all. they just spend their money on weapons and nothing else.

  3. North Korea reminds me of the Truman Show. Everyone smiles, happy, clean! they have either giving into their fate or are extremely good actors! Its just very very eerie.. something is just not right and I can’t put my finger on it.. :/

  4. Or before spring… i’m not that shure, but look at the trees, if they aren’t green, the fields also can not be green then… And seeds are free (even if Monsanto thinks different) you just need 5 to 10% of the yields to be safe for the next year. But what ever… i don’t think we should say it’s this way or that way… we don’t have the information… we only have propaganda from both sides and this rare document. I just know it with my own countrie that the western propaganda lies a lot.

  5. So you live in North Korea? Or are you just repeating the things you get told by propaganda? Sorry but you realised that it’s autumn there, do you? I live in East Germany. I never would live in North Korea because of the Reds there, but in the Western propaganda, my countrie was pour and my parents had nothing to ate. But ques what, they where never hungry, and things like unemployment and homelessness where unknown. Don’t belive everything the propaganda say. Remember Iraq and WMDs 😉

  6. where is the poverty ?…………..i dont see the kind of poverty you would in India or other parts of asia or eastern europe or even africa

  7. Correct. The fields you see from the train have been ploughed by the government and have been there for years with no crops (take a close look). They have no money to buy seed. In fact there isn’t any seed. Those houses are mostly empty and are just for show, they have no electricity, plumbing or heating. Work it out, the people who have been made to assemble before the train would in no way fill these housing estates. The work gangs on the line mostly have no tools!!

  8. 20:00 dude…you are TRYING to get yourself killed aren’t you. Put the camera down when you’re in front of all those soldiers! 0.o o.0

  9. are the people on the side just looking at the train or do they know he has a camera. Cause in chongchu train station there was a woman at 14:33 who is staring RIGHT AT HIM, and thats not the first time, they don’t look at any other parts of the train but his part 0.o (around 14:30 into the video, i know it’s chongchu cause i’m following this train with google earth.)

  10. by the way all my comments made so far have been made BEFORE i saw more than 30 seconds of footage…so if there are any sad parts, then I’m sorry for what i said…

  11. speaking of DPRK women. in 0:00:21 that one soldier to the middle-left with long-ish hair, she ain’t half-bad lookin’ oi!

  12. that soldier chick at the beginning thought you were hot, dude you could have stolen your very own north korean girlfriend!……okay that was wrong >_< time to go put soap on my tongue.....and then...lick...lick...lick lick hahah yeaaahhhh LICK LICK!! NORTH KOREAN GIRLS LICK LICK!!! xD xD xD

  13. true but the difference is that north korea is impoverished to a bigger extent.

  14. I like really want to talk to some of the North Korean guards :)…

    I read the Aquariums of Pyongyang, a true story about a North Korean who was put in the Concentration Camps, then his escape to China and to South Korea. According to him, when a tourist came to an area around where he was, guards followed them everywhere, and for propaganda they would temporarily move them from their current small homes into big ones so they don’t look as poor.

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