Inside North Korea by an American Tourist – Part 1 of 4 HD (TRAIN PORTION)

Train travel from China to North Korea: Beijing-Pyongyang. May 2010. See Videos 2, 3 and 4 for the walking tour of the DPRK. This was a propaganda tour that brings tourists to the country’s showcase cities and most fertile regions. I posted these videos to give people who are thinking about visiting North Korea an overview of what they will likely see there (A variety of tours are offered but in general the itineraries are similar). These videos are not truncated or narrated, making them long and often boring, but NK footage is rare, so more is better in this case. I was mostly allowed to film openly because, again, it was of the best areas with the better fed and dressed elite population that the NK government wants the outside world to see — which is poor, yet not much worse off than Eastern Europe or China was in the late 1970’s. Don’t be fooled though, these images are not representative of most of North Korea. Look for hidden videos smuggled out to see how too many North Koreans live, with oppression, famine, orphans, and not to mention the 200000 political victims living in soviet style Gulag camps. Should you hurry up and visit North Korea before it collapses? Unfortunately, you likely have many years to plan a trip, because nothing looks to change anytime soon. South Korea, China and the USA are all content with North Korea’s continued existence. The US and South Korea have many non-military avenues to take if it wanted the regime to collapse, because North Korea