Nice Europe Rail Trip photographs

Some cool europe rail trip images:

Train Chartering – private Initial Class carriage from London
europe rail trip
Image by Train Chartering & Private Rail Cars
Train Chartering organises private carriages on scheduled train services throughout Europe, inclduing the UK.
This is a First Class carriage on a Virgin Trains Pendolino from London.
On this trip, guests had a selection of a full cooked breakfast (bacon, eggs, tomatoes, sausages, toast) or sandwiches and muffins.
Alcoglic drinks have been served on request.
Newspaper and magazines of selection had been distributed.
WiFi was accessible, important for this IT client.

London – Rail Occasions to Britain and Europe (c.1938)
europe rail trip
Image by roger4336
A two-page map from an atlas, showing the time to reach destinations in Fantastic Britain and continental Europe by train (and ferry). I think that the atlas, with maps from The London Geographical Institute, was dated around 1938.

The colored bands show travel instances by the quickest train solutions. For example, the yellow band shows that you can attain Harwich, Leicester, Birmingham, Bristol, Salisbury, Southampton, and most of the Southeast coast in two hours. Manchester, Liverpool, York, and Newcastle are all in the 4-six hour zone.

Edinburgh is six-8 hours away (probably closer to eight), but other destinations in the Scottish Lowlands take eight-12 hours. The Highlands take much longer, and the Islands are far more than 24 hours away.

The closest destinations in Belgium take 4-six hours. Paris can be reached in much less than 8 hours (inset at reduce left). Most of the Netherlands and western Germany are much more than 12 hours away.

I can make a single comparison. This map shows the time from London to Hannover, Germany as a tiny under 18 hours. I created that trip in 1963, and it took about the identical time.