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Italian Travelers: Don't Miss Europe's Newest High-Speed Train
Last year I wrote about how advantageous Europe's sophisticated rail network is to travelers, especially with the myriad high-speed options available around the continent and across the English Channel. In many cases you can travel between major cities …
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Train yourself to enjoy the journey, not just the destination
The guy who went on and on about his drug use, metaphysical powers, genius father and how it would be illegal to throw him off the train because he's mentally ill did make the trip interesting. Nobody disagreed with the mentally ill part, especially …
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Tour guide apps cut costs, and no tip required
In addition to apps that help him get around, like TripAdvisor for dining reviews, Google Maps for street directions and Rail Europe for train schedules, Openshaw uses sightseeing apps to avoid the hassle and expense of in-person guides. Tourism …
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