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europe rail trip
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Question by sakura: estimation of europe trip?
i have been to europe before and fell in love. i have quite an extensive list of places that i want to visit, either for the first or second time. im just wondering others opinions on how long it would take to visit each of these places and the total cost. keep in mind that some of them i have been to before so i would not need to spend much time. and although many dont agree with this way of travelling, i dont need to spend 3+ days in a city/town.

Edinburgh, Paris, Venice, Palermo, Athens, Belgium, Salzburg, Vienna, Koln, Budapest, Bucharest, Krakow, Wroclaw, Tallinn, Kaunas, Vilnius.

i obviously wouldnt mind having to stop at other places along the way if i did travel by train or whatever. the more to see, the better! i just want an estimate of length of trip and cost to see if it matches mine.

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Answer by zafir
So far you’ve got 15 cities and one country (Belgium). You’ll need to allow a full day to travel between cities (check out of hotel, get to station or airport, travel, find next hotel, settle in). So allowing 2 days per city plus travel time, that comes to 48 days.

Only you can estimate the cost of a trip like this. It depends very much on whether you travel 1st or 2nd class on the train, what type of accommodation you want – hostel, cheap hote, 5* hotel, whether you’ll self-cater or eat in restaurants, entertainment, sightseeing costs etc.

Buy, or borrow from the library, some guidebooks to the countries you want to visit. These will give you an idea of the costs of accommodation at various levels, transport costs, food, and suggest itineraries. Also check out the cost of transport on relevant rail and plane websites.

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