Talking point: The final train to liberalisation

Is privatisation the path to enhancing Europe’s rail network for passengers and freight? We asked Jean-Jacob Bicep (Greens/EFA) and Georges Bach (EPP). Comme…
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For a lot more info & to purchase tickets on-line see A video guide to travel by overnight Caledonian Sleeper train f…

25 thoughts on “Talking point: The final train to liberalisation”

  1. Not necessarily. If you book a Standard Class berth they put you in a cabin
    with both berths set up – you may end up sharing with someone, or you may
    end up having it to yourself (though they never put people of opposite
    genders together unless they’re travelling together).

  2. I’ve seen various documentary series on TV going behind the scenes on the
    railways, but one thing they don’t seem to have done so far is what it’s
    like to work on one of these! I imagine it’s probably more civilised than a
    lot of daytime services, since the passengers are asleep for most of the

  3. Well, in general it does cost more to transport people lying down than
    sitting up because they take up more space

  4. You sleep like a baby on these, hardly know its moving! Its noisier at home
    from a personal view point LOL.

  5. Heya mark just wondering what time you got to Edinburgh from London 🙂 as i
    am thinking of going 🙂

  6. To be honest, as an Englishman, my biggest concern in visiting america is
    that I will come across people who believe silly stereotypes like you, Is
    this the case? Because that’s the impression we English get of yanks,

  7. i dont understand why they would need a sleeper train, u can easily take
    the TGV from London to Scotland in 4hrs instead of all night on this train.

  8. So who did you go with? (Obviously that was why you were in a twin berth
    cabin sleeper).(Please reply.)

  9. Pardon???? I got married in Cancun, Mexico and (apart from two lovely Nam
    Vets from Queens who came to my wedding) the americans were the biggest
    bunch of arseholes I have ever met. They were loud, obnoxious, incredibly
    rude to the mexican staff, stuffed there fat arses with food at every
    opportunity(donuts with breakfast) and got pissed at the pool every day
    despite the fact that the Brits and Canadians drank TWICE as much them. Get
    your own house in order first please.

  10. Costs a fortune? Well, £39 per person (what I paid to go on the train in
    the video) is achievable if you save up your pocket money! ;0)…

  11. LOL, yeah I just live in London but of course you’d know better than me.
    Keep up the ignorant, aggorgant American image. I’ve been to New York &
    seen plenty of people acting the same. Actually best people like you stay
    in America. Don’t pollute the world anymore than you have.

  12. Yes its a big problem but I doubt many lager louts would be able to afford
    the overnight trains anyway. I resent your remark about the impression
    Americans have about Brits. Short sighted maybe.

  13. Big fan of your site Mark, my first stop whenever I’m planning a trip
    outside the U.S. Couple of quick questions about the Caledonian Sleeper:
    I’m planning a trip on it from Fort William to London in mid-May, how
    crowded do you think it might be on a Tuesday departure that time of year?
    (Just curious about being able to get a spot in the lounge). Also, how late
    does the lounge stay open? If I woke up at 1:00 would I be able to get a
    beer? Are there vegetarian options on the menu?

  14. Thank u mark I love the sleeper if you could tell me what you’re face thing
    about the sleeper to scotland is I would be great full I love the sleeper i
    go on it every year it is soo myth fun so thanks for posting the vidio it
    made me make a vidio if u want to whatch it just search my channel and it
    will be there thanks again

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