London to the Alps in two minutes

London to the Alps in 2 minutes

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Eurail Pass - How does it work?

Tips on how to use your Eurail Pass and have a smooth Eurail trip thorugh Europe. Looking for Culture or Adventure in Europe? Check our intineraries suggestions on

5 thoughts on “London to the Alps in two minutes”

  1. A Eurail Pass can be used once it is activated. However, if you are not allowed to travel in a particular country (due to not having a visa), a valid Eurail Pass can not solve this problem. A Eurail Pass can not replace a travel document. In case you enter Europe via a non-Schengen country, and you are allowed to travel there (e.g. because you have a visa), you can already use the Eurail Pass once it is activated.

  2. anyone here used this before?
    my visa is expired and the new visa is in process, i have already receive a letter to comfirm the new visa will be done in few weeks.

    can i use the eurail pass without a valid schengen visa?

    many thanks!

  3. Be sure you know what to do before you leave Prague. We went there today to ask them to validate our Eurail but all she did was book our tickets and then we went to information to ask if our pass has been validated correctly but the lady said she doesn’t know what to do and to go back to the ticket lady who booked our seats. You’d think information will have some knowledge about Eurail. This video is more more helpful than Prague’s train station staff.

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