Knowledge Europe by Train
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Mix of whistling High-Speed trains in Europe. LGV-Nord, LGV-Est & CologneFrankfurt HSL. *France: TGV Haute-Picardie, Champagne-Ardenne TGV. *Germany near Mountebaur. *Switzerland: La Day & Dietikon.
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  1. nice work!
    btw: 2:06 – 2:20 one of these awesome moments during travellng by train *.* invaluable !!

  2. I wish that one day North America ( Canada and the USA ) will learn a bit form Europe to have the High Speed train , and Especially in Canada we need it.

  3. Please note: also Italy has got Eurostar fast trains. Their top speed is 300 km/h (180 mph). They connect North to South, East to West (and vice versa). And the latest super-fast train is the brand new “Freccia Rossa” (Red Arrow) and can reach a top speed of 350 km/h (200 mph), connecting Milan to Naples, passing by Florence and Rome.

  4. the railjet is nowhere near to a high speed train. it’s just a normal train going faster than normal. a high speed train does not have a seperate locomotive.

  5. I rode the ICE T between Salzburg and Vienna. Our amercan Acelas are slugs compared to you trains.

  6. Mountains, The Danube Delta, Black Sea Coast.

    Medieval cities like : Brasov, Sibiu, Bistrita, Targoviste, Sighisoara.

    Baile Herculane, Danube between Moldova Noua – Drobeta Turnu Severin (mountains and landscape), Vatra Dornei, Sinaia.
    Voronet, Putna, Horezu and many more.


  7. Huh? Yes there is. Not in this video. But Eurostar Italia and the Sapsan do exist. NTV, or .Italo, is the newest company coming to Italy. It is entirely private and is an endevour of the same man who owns Ferrari.

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