I want to take a travel trip via Europe, is there a package deal?

Question by Pam: I want to take a travel trip by means of Europe, is there a package deal?
I want to take a travel trip by way of europe. I’ve noticed tour packages but I really do not want to go by their set schedule. Is there a website of some thing I can book that with

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Check Expedia.com. They typically have discounts and packages.

Also, please guarantee you register with the USA STEP System. Please see the link below:


Furthermore, please also acquaint oneself with the data accessible on your holiday destination of selection, by way of the CIA Planet Factbook, under. Safe travels and appreciate! 🙂


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  1. If you intend to do a lot of traveling, buy either a Eurail Pass, or an auto lease/buyback *before* entering Europe. If you do that, you are eligible for significant discounts: bulk, competitive, tax free, and prepaid.

    For the auto lease to be cost effective, the lease period needs to be more than 21–28 days (but not more than 180) depending on specifics. For example, Peugeot’s program is http://www.autoeurope.com/buyback_home.cfm

    The best place to buy a Eurail pass is at Rick Steves operation near Seattle, but if that is far, they do a great web and phone service too: http://www.ricksteves.com/rail/rail_menu.htm

    To save money, don’t book rooms in advance except in: London, Venice, Edinburgh, and Copenhagen. All the other cities have enough rooms except during the most popular festivals. When arriving at a city, go directly to the city center tourist information (in the central train station) to ask for a room. This is almost always highly efficient, courteous, and with bargains abounding. Also, there may be many unique, charming, and unusual options. Just express your tastes.

    The problem with package tours is they use high priced accommodation which insulates from the local culture without necessarily being comfortable. Grab a good guidebook, like Lonely Planet or Rick Steves, and explore on your own schedule, to your own interest, and avoid the tourist strips for eating, drinking, and sleeping. That is the easy way to save 60–70% over a tour.

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