any person have any good suggestions or ideas on obtaining the best bargains for travel?

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Question by : anybody have any good suggestions or recommendations on locating the greatest offers for travel?
Cruises appear to be the way to go but most only go to Caribbean or Mexican areas and I want to go to Europe without having getting to fly there very first then get on a cruise. If I am going to fly to Europe than I do not require a cruise. Aid me anybody know somebody that knows somebody that found a secret website or trick to acquiring the most for their money when booking a trip

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Answer by English rosethorn
There are loads of Mediterranean cruises. The British go on them all the time and usually they are element of a package from the UK. Flying out to Palma Majorca is one particular common route. But they do go to all the the areas it would expense a fortune to visit separately.

Nevertheless. In winter these cruise ships frequently go to the caribbean and cruises from Europe to the caribbean are offered. Then fly back. Other way round in Spring.

I assume that as you do not say exactly where you are, that you must be from the USA since most Americans by no means say.

Your route would be greatest on a Cunard Atlantic. New York to Southampton (England) then do Europe from Southampton on perhaps another cruise ship.

There is a excellent rail connection from Southampton to London for a cease more than as well if you wish.

Last minute bookings for cruises frequently yeild greatest bargains provided you do not want the best accommodation. That sells quickest on cruise ships.

There are other European cruises also which take you to the Northern components of Europe and go as far as Russia.

Your largest problem on a US passport is needing a various visa for all the ports of call, that is most likely why these cruises are challenging to discover. Visas are costly and to want one particular for each and every nation will be a excellent expense for you. On a British Passport we can go with out any visas 00

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