Has any individual travelled Europe by train alone? Any suggestions?

Question by marcie h: Has anyone travelled Europe by train alone? Any tips?
I would like to take a one month vacation to Europe, starting in Spain. I want to take the trains, but stop wherever I wish for any length of time. Do most cities have good public transportation once I leave the train?

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Answer by blessed_thang
Yes, public transportation, if not at the station is a 5 minute walk. The thing is: you have to switch trains often. I found it best to go online and book a route (even if I wasn’t buying). That gives you the timetable. Then, just watch your wristwatch and the printed timetable and you know when to deboard and switch to the next leg. Trains announce over a speaker what the next stop is. Unless your ear is trained, you might miss the information you need. Europe is the walking, the people and the sights. You’ll love it. I would caution you about a backpack in larger cities, they are so easy to pickpocket. They showcase that on the news often.

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