Has any individual travelled Europe by train alone? Any suggestions?

Question by marcie h: Has anyone travelled Europe by train alone? Any tips?
I would like to take a one month vacation to Europe, starting in Spain. I want to take the trains, but stop wherever I wish for any length of time. Do most cities have good public transportation once I leave the train?

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Answer by blessed_thang
Yes, public transportation, if not at the station is a 5 minute walk. The thing is: you have to switch trains often. I found it best to go online and book a route (even if I wasn’t buying). That gives you the timetable. Then, just watch your wristwatch and the printed timetable and you know when to deboard and switch to the next leg. Trains announce over a speaker what the next stop is. Unless your ear is trained, you might miss the information you need. Europe is the walking, the people and the sights. You’ll love it. I would caution you about a backpack in larger cities, they are so easy to pickpocket. They showcase that on the news often.

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  1. I just got back from a 4month trip across europe, and I traveled alone and had the europass.
    In Spain, the train stations there are like the airport, they scan your bags and check your tickets before you enter the platform.
    If you do buy a europass, it comes with a timetable. It will show you the times from point A to point B along with how many times a day they travel and also comes with a map. I basically stopped where ever I wanted to go and went from there, but kind of planned my route as to not backtrack and lose time.
    Most cities, if not all have a wonderful public transportation system once you get into the city. Most cities trainstations have buses right near the station and/or metros. Just look for the signs when you get off the train, you will see a picture of a bus and metro pointing you which direction they are located at.
    Also, most stations have lockers so you dont have to carry your luggage around if you are only staying for the day. They will usually show a picture of luggage or locker with a key. In Spain, they will scan your luggage before leaving it at the train station.
    Tips for traveling on the train, make sure you keep an eye on your stuff! If you leave your luggage at the end of the aisle where they have a spot to leave your luggage, try to stay as close as possible to that area and keep an eye on your stuff. People can just grab and go very quickly when the train stops.
    If you have a backpack, put it above you on that rack, which I did, and I brought with me a bike lock, and locked my luggage to the rail. I could sleep knowing that no one would be able to grab it. Plus it wasnt exactly light, lol. If you are going to sleep, I would suggest putting your valuables close to your body and wrap your arms around it or use it as a pillow.
    Just remember to keep your valuable as close to you as possible, and be aware of your surroundings.

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