Europe | Awesome Vacation – Pranks, Stunts, Drinking, Awesome!

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38 thoughts on “Europe | Awesome Vacation – Pranks, Stunts, Drinking, Awesome!”

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  2. Cool video! I got to visit london like 7 years ago we stayed in a town
    called Wokingham best trip ever.

  3. Damnnnnnn hHAHAHAHEAHEA thats the way everyone should trip.. funny shit..
    also saw you in a Scarf(in video now) hahah.. 

  4. You were in my home city! Good to see you had a good time, and that the
    weather wasn’t too shitty :)

  5. you long haired hippy fucking faggot, i hope you fucking die doing 1 of
    these shitty stunts only a faggot would ever look the way you do on purpose
    die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die

  6. #DoesLilybuttRunWithYouToo ? She has a hippobutt, time to get a leash!

    You guys are inspirational with this running thing. 

  7. It’s funny how your trying to get more miles in running than Josh has,
    I used to have some black boots that I wore so much they got a hole in
    them…and just like you, when it rained and I stepped in water the whole
    bottom of my sock got wet!

  8. If you are after new boots Josh I would personally recommend Bates or
    Altama who both have very good hot weather products.

  9. Honeymoon in paradise for sure! Europe is a lot of sight-seeing!
    Have a great photo-shoot tomorrow!!! Can’t wait to see the pictures! I’m
    sure they’ll be fantastic! :)

  10. It seems like your doing better on your running each time your going out to
    run Serena:) Its crazy that you guys go out a lot it seems like from the
    vlogs:/ I am excited to see the engagement photo shoot from today’s vlog
    that y’all are shooting and be up for tomorrow:)

  11. Hope you had perfect weather for your photo shoot. 🙂 Europe is on my
    bucket list, especially since I was born over there since my Dad was in the
    airforce. :)

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