Travel: Road Trip: Europe: Holland: Belgium: France: Coldplay

Title: Travel: Road Trip: Europe: Holland: Belgium: France: Coldplay. Synopsis: American road warrior (traveler) Julian visits his excellent buddy Jacco who’s from Holland. Julian joins Jacco in his perform as a truck driver. They devote a week together traveling via northern Europe (Holland, Belgium and France) in a 60 foot 18 wheeler commercial diesel truck (lorry.) Halfway into the journey, traveler Julian crushes his foot under a forklift. Despite the obvious pain and suffering, Julian puts his finest foot forward. He ignores the pain and enjoys the pleasure of travel. He experiences the adventure of an thrilling and rewarding road trip. Hit the road with Julian and Jacco! Produced for RoadWarriors360. Filmed, made, directed & edited by Julian of Los Angeles, California, USA Birmingham, England, UK and Stockholm, Sweden. And, in association with Jeff Read and RoadWarriors360 / RW360 as co-producer, co-director, assistant editor, title, subtitles, text, inventive, style, credit page, description, summary & tags. Director of Photography: Julian Tovar: Equipment: Filmed on a Canon 5D, edited with Apple’s Finalcut Pro. Location: Filmed on place in Europe: Holland Belgium & France. (Europe.) Music: artist and song: Coldplay: “‘Til Kingdom Come.” Music Rights: EMI Music Group Ltd. London, England, UK Universal Music Group/UMG, Los Angeles, CA Sony Music, New York, NY and/or affiliates. RoadWarriors360 / RW360: An association (club) for
Video Rating: five / five