Toy train town takes back grid in German energy shift

Toy train town takes back grid in German energy shift
The movement is component of a Europe-wide trend of creeping renationalisation of the utilities sector. With power production more and much more localised via countless solar panels and thousands of windmills dotting the German landscape, remunicipalisation&nbsp…
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Jane Fishman: How time flies
We&#39d pull into a cavernous, old-planet, train station, steamy, loud, crowded, confusing, and choose who would go appear for a pension — or a modest hotel — and who would stay behind with the luggage, such as it was. It wouldn&#39t take lengthy. … Or we may possibly …
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Massachusetts monks brewing beer in way their European brothers do it
The 63 brothers of St. Joseph&#39s Abbey — about an hour&#39s drive west of Boston — quickly will be selling the 1st Trappist beer brewed outdoors Europe … But everybody agreed the aging monastery buildings were receiving increasingly costly to keep …
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