Taking Europe by Train :: A Eurail Story

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18 thoughts on “Taking Europe by Train :: A Eurail Story”

  1. Travlling around Europe is worth it! Don’t fly when the train can get you there. It can take longer, but you see alot more on the train and it takes you bang into the middle of the city. Glad I did it! Travel with Raileurope. Don’t book a global pass, book seperate tickets inbox me for advice

  2. Thank you for the video. We just came back from Germany and Austria and traveled around the cities all by train. Like the video showed, the trains are mostly comfortable, clean, and quiet. Although sometimes full, we managed to get seats even without reservations. The DB ICE trains are really nice!

  3. Nice one!!
    Congrates on the panning.There is sooooooooooo much fast jumpy panning .
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Finally somebody posts a great overview of train travel in Europe that isn’t a sales pitch. Thanks so much for posting this and putting together such a great video. Can’t wait for my trip to Europe in September.

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