Suggestions for transatlantic cruises leaving from Europe?

Query by curious_cat: Suggestions for transatlantic cruises leaving from Europe?
I’d really like to go on a correct lengthy cruise to somewhere exotic like the caribbean or wherever, and would truly like to know what firms supply these sorts of packages. I’m also questioning, if an individual has some encounter with this, what is much better: a transatlantic cruise or merely flying out to the states and then acquiring on a cruise ship there?

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Answer by K B
Best cruise ever was Disney! I know folks could consider its just for youngsters, but Disney cruises gives anything for every person.There had been retired folks , couples on their honeymoon, singles etc… I have taken them even though I was in Europe, Italy and to the Mexico,Caribbean. They produced it a optimistic expertise for all, they genuinely operate tough in creating it the best cruise ever . I believe it all depends on the adventure you are hunting for, flying out or just choosing up the cruise.What ever you make a decision, I have been on a lot of cruise ships and by far the ideal has been Disney!

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