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Mark "Technology, Music and Movies" December 2, 2013 at 9:39 pm
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Rip 60 Fitness System – A 6 Part Review, May 8, 2011
Mark “Technology, Music and Movies” (East Coast) –

This review is from: Rip 60 Fitness DVD & Suspension Trainer Set (Sports)
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Jillian Michaels Rip 60 Fitness DVD Set is clearly a new product. Jillian Michaels isn’t the primary trainer; Jeremy Strom kicks off the workouts. I had been considering the P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program as a system to help me get back into shape after many years of infrequent exercise (and a few health problems). This program clearly is made to compete against P90X, and it offers some interesting benefits at a better cost. I jumped at the chance to try this, but you should know that the trainer on the pre-release DVDs was not Jillian.

No matter. This program is very well designed. I have done my fair share of programs and I can honestly say, that while I do not consider myself advanced at fitness I am a very solid high-intermediate. I used to compete in several intense sports. Though I haven’t had much exercise in the recent past, I was still surprised by how challenging this program has been.


WEEK 1: The week 1 DVD begins with what they call a “warm-up” but to me felt like a shock to the system. I had to perform Week 1’s workouts in stages. I did as much of the program as I could, and found myself needing an off-day every other day. Hence, I decided to take 2 weeks to perform all the same number of days as I would have if I did this every day. It was still a challenge well into the second week, so I had little fear of plateau.

WEEK 2: I am doing week 2 during what would have been week 3, and it seems to not be getting easier. I am trying to power through it.

WEEK 3: I am halfway through the program and I am finding my stamina has increased considerably. I am not really seeing any visible changes in my body yet. But I am definitely able to finish workouts that, in the beginning, I needed a break to get through.

Here are my overall thoughts so far. The exercises and movements are not difficult on their own, but they are well designed so that when they are performed in sequence they present a real challenge. They don’t always seem to inform people of how to adjust for fatigue or modify exercises. Pace yourself carefully if you are not a fitness junkie.


The included nutrition program seems very good, though it amounts to little more than a recipe book. There was no included guide that explained the plan over-all.


The straps are useful but finding a place to set them up was difficult. They are designed to be set up either on a pole, hook or the outside of a door. The straps also require adjustment, and I found that I got small metal splinters when adjusting them. So the quality of the components are not the best.

I adjusted them to the shortest length I could and stopped messing with them. But once I had them set up, I didn’t have to adjust them any more and they were fine. I could imagine doing the program exercises without this tool, though it greatly increases the intensity.


Since most people have few TVs outside of doors, it was hard to find a good place to set this up. I found it easiest to set the straps up on a sturdy closet clothes rod. Not everybody has a closet rod that is truly sturdy, so this won’t work for everybody.

Ideally if it was higher up it would have been easier to do the exercises. They do sell a ceiling bracket, but installing it would require finding a stud in a good location for placement. I feel that might be overkill for most people.

If you don’t have a rod to wrap this around near a nice DVD player and TV screen, I would recommend moving your laptop to the best location you can set up the straps and doing your workout from there.


This is a very challenging program and I feel those who could stick to it will get results. Once you set up the straps in a good location, your main challenge will be recovering quickly enough to do the workouts every day.


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JS December 2, 2013 at 9:45 pm
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Week 1 Review, August 17, 2011

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This review is from: Rip 60 Fitness DVD & Suspension Trainer Set (Sports)

I’m a personal trainer and TRX certified trainer, and I found this workout to be impressive thus far. The straps have a bit more versatility, which I really like. Other straps don’t allow a sawing type motion, which is necessary if you want to do flutter kicks for example.

What I like, that other reviews seem to dislike is how you’re NOT in the straps the whole time. I think the instructor’s style of training; circuit/interval style–alternating between cardio interval (free standing, no straps) to strength training (with straps) actually gives you an overall better workout and keeps you engaged (you won’t get bored).I’ve done P90X and TRX workouts and this is a great mix of both worlds!

I will agree on one point that some have mentioned–Jillian Michaels is only on one DVD, so if you’re looking for her to train you throughout, you may be disappointed. However, if you’re looking for a solid workout that will seriously work your core, offer functional, integrated training that is compact & portable–this is the ticket!

TIP: If you have doors that don’t align well and won’t stay closed with the door anchor, use a door stop to secure the door…solved me problem with any door I’ve come across.

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DF "Maldito Patologo" December 2, 2013 at 9:46 pm
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Very well put together program, January 28, 2012
DF “Maldito Patologo” (Dallas, TX) –

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This review is from: Rip 60 Fitness DVD & Suspension Trainer Set (Sports)

I am not new to suspension systems. I have bought a suspension system from a different company a few years ago. The Ripped 60 straps are far superior. They are sturdy and have foam on the handles that can be adjusted for use with different angles. I have not used it with a door so I cannot comment on that. I bought the TRX X-Mount which works great.

The Workouts:
When I was reading reviews I believe one review mentioned that it was confusing and there is no mention of how often to do the work outs. It is true that it is not mentioned on the DVD but there is a pamphlet which breaks down the work outs:

Week 1: Wake Up Your Body Done daily M-F, rest Sat-Sun
Week 2: Hyper Burn Done daily M-F, rest Sat-Sun
Week 3: Turn & Burn Done daily M-F, rest Sat-Sun
Week 4: Recharge Done on M, W, F, rest T,Th,Sat, Sun (optional work out of DVD3 on Sat)
Week 5: Build it Up Done daily M-F, rest Sat-Sun
Week 6: Power and Strength Done on M,T,Th,F rest W,Sat, Sun (optional work out of DVD3 on Sat)
Week 7: Pedal to the Medal Done on M,T,Th,F rest W,Sat, Sun (optional work out of DVD5 on Sat)
Week 8: The Peak Done on M,T,Th,F rest W,Sat, Sun (optional work out of DVD5 on Sat)

The nutrition guide is packed with sample meals. I am on a different diet so I am not currently using it.

I will post weekly updates of the progress and thoughts about that weeks workout.

WEEK 1: It was challenging with a warm, workout, and a cool down. Work out is about an 1 hour. I had to take a couple rests on the first 2 days, but by the third day I could push through the work out. I did not lose weight my first week, but it might have been bc I was sick the week prior and had lost a few pounds so I started the work out below my normal weight. After the first week, my body does feel better.

The Warm up is slightly different. The work out introduces “rotation”. A pin is removed which allows the straps to be pulled along the pulley. It takes more work to stabilize and it allows for doing kicks in the suspended feet plank. It is more challenging than week 1, but I was able to power through it. It got easier as the week progressed. Lost 1 1/2 lbs which may not seem like much, but my body feels better and my pants are looser. The cool down is the same as week 1.

The work out is kicked up a notch with less rest time and more suspended rotation. The work out starts out with burpees and ends with jump lunges, which by themselves are brutal. There are a lot of super sets where you to one minute and switch exercise with no rest for another 30 seconds. That being said, I was able to do everything without rest except for the suspended plank with reverse crunch/flutter kicks superset. I had to take a couple second break to finish. There is a lot more ab work in this routine. Eventhough there are more exercises, due to the decreased rest time the total length of the work out is about the same. No weight loss this week but I have lost inches off my midsection so it seems like the weight is getting redistributed. The warm up is the same as week 2, and the cool down is the same as the previous two weeks.

This is a yoga workout composed of a sequence that is done 3 times on each side. It works on your balance. It was the least enjoyable work out for me so far, but it is not easy by any means. It may not get your heart rate up, but it is taxing. It is meant to stretch you out and work on balancing on one leg to prepare you for week 5. I delayed my review until I started week 5 and there are some one legged sequences where you stick one foot in the loop and there is some jumping on one leg. WARNING: for week 5 you will need a kettlebell. You can get away with dumbbells for the curls and squat/front shoulder raises, but there is a one minute kettlebell swing. Weight is holding steady but now I can see the scale without sucking in my gut and my upperbody is looking bigger (noticed by other people). The warm up is the same as week 3. Since this is a yoga work out there isn’t a cool down.

The week is considerable more difficult than week 4. The warm up introduces a reverse plank and plank jacks. Like I mentioned in the previous week’s review you need a kettlebell. You can get away with dumbbells for some of it (single leg squat (other leg in strap)with front raise, V sit, single leg squat (other leg in strap)with kettlebell biceps curl) but you will need the kettlebell for the swings. Ends with jump lunges which is brutal. Cool down is the same.

This is the hardest week so far. It is also a long work out (approx an hour and 6 minutes). Abs are hit hard with pike to push up,…

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