Q&A: How a lot time can I devote in Europe if I have $1000 USD to spend?

Question by Elisabeth: How considerably time can I invest in Europe if I have 00 USD to devote?
I’ll be flying into Dublin, Ireland in mid May, and want to commit a month in Europe if at all possible, going to the UK, the south of France, Tuscany, and components of Greece. Is it attainable to do this with only $ 1000? If not, how considerably time is reasonable for this amount of income?
I program on staying in hostles and flying discount airlines to get from place to place.

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Answer by pbleek
In my opinion you could do it for a month excluding air travel, (you have selected places which are fairly far apart.)
As a rough guide I would use$ 40-$ 50/day for hostel and food and some admission charges.
For travel I would compare the price of air vs. euro rail pass.

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