How much would it price me to travel to Europe?

europe by train package
by Chris Devers

Question by cuddlesdead: How a lot would it expense me to travel to Europe?
I am organizing a 3 or four-week vacation to Europe. The plane ticket expenses around $ 1200 US from San Diego to London, and the Eurorail pass around $ 500-$ 700 US. I am organizing to visit numerous cities Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Zurich, Rome, Napoli, Lyon and Paris and maybe London also. I feel I will be staying no longer than three days in every city, so hostels and food, I am not confident yet how much that would price. Any suggestions

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Answer by LeßRØN ÐERRiCҚ
I am Italian
I feel a trip to Italy costs about $ 1000
However, depends really expensive locations in Milan and
Naples and Rome are much less pricey and eats so properly

peace i Adore U.S.

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