How much would it price me to travel to Europe?

Question by cuddlesdead: How a lot would it expense me to travel to Europe?
I am organizing a 3 or four-week vacation to Europe. The plane ticket expenses around $ 1200 US from San Diego to London, and the Eurorail pass around $ 500-$ 700 US. I am organizing to visit numerous cities Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Zurich, Rome, Napoli, Lyon and Paris and maybe London also. I feel I will be staying no longer than three days in every city, so hostels and food, I am not confident yet how much that would price. Any suggestions

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Answer by LeßRØN ÐERRiCҚ
I am Italian
I feel a trip to Italy costs about $ 1000
However, depends really expensive locations in Milan and
Naples and Rome are much less pricey and eats so properly

peace i Adore U.S.

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  1. First I wanted to say that is a lot a cities to visit…. It can be done but read the fine print on the Euro rail pass because they have restrictions! For example they require so many days between each travel.
    Second, Hostel prices range in price it you will be sharing an “open” accommodation then probably around $ 30 a night but it runs more if you want a private room.
    Third most hostel provide you with food. It was provided for me in the places I have stayed in Germany and The Netherlands it included breakfast foods (cereal, breads, cheese and fruit) and dinner (fish & chips & spaghetti) So if you eat at the hostel you will save a lot of money. But I would allow yourself around $ 15-20 a day if you don’t plan on eating their food.

    So your grand total would be= 1200(airfare)+600(rail pass)+630(hostel for 3 weeks)+420 (three weeks of food)=2850

    Hope this helps…

  2. The interrailpass that suits best your needs will be the 10 trips within 22 days that sells at 239 EUR (26 and younger) or 359 EUR (+26).

    Hostels will rate at about 20 à 25 EUR/night, if you plan carefully you can save on hostels by using night trains. Most hostels include breakfast.

    Simple meals start at about 10 EUR, sandwiches, panini or baguettes start at a couple of EUR and can add up to +8 EUR; drinks you’ll find from 1,5 EUR and above.

    You might want to visit musea or other tourist attractions and that can be rather expensive. Musea fees go from free entrance to +20 EUR (many close on Monday). Most of times you can buy a package deal (like 5 musea for the price of two) ask at the local tourist agency.

    Local bus, tram or metro tickets will cost you between 1 and 2,5 EUR per ride. Ask for special passes. You can have a flat fee for a day or so at 5 EUR for unlimited use, other cities have free public transport. It depends.

    I suppose you want to treat yourself good (since you’ll be traveling to Belgium, I strongly recommend also “Brugge” at 1hr from Brussels and “Gent” at 30 min.). So I imagine you’d like to have some of our best brews (2 – 6 EUR) or at least some waffles (start at 1,5 EUR).

    That would make a grand total (without air travel) of 239 + 560 (28*20) + 504 (28*18) + 560 (28*20) + 100 (20*5) + 280 (28*10) = 2,250 EUR (four weeks – 80 EUR a day)

    You could save a bunch by couchsurfing:

    Welcome to Europe. Have a nice trip and safe trip. If you visit Belgium, enjoy it!

  3. Hostels are $ 15-30 US per night in most places. In most of the cities you mentioned, they will be more like $ 25-30.

    You can eat for as little as $ 20 per day if you don’t mind eating many meals from street stalls, cafes, bakeries, pizzerias, hole in the wall ethnic restaurants, fast food. With a food budget of more like $ 40 per day, you can have one meal per day in a real restaurant. With $ 60 per day, you can eat quite well.

    Then you need to get around the city. Many cities sell a day pass on public transportation for around $ 5.

    You should factor in admission to sights and museums – $ 10-15 per day is a good average, more if you are the type of traveler who likes to see absolutely everything, and less if you are not really interested in most museums or tourist sights.

    Finally, if you plan on going to bars and clubs a lot you need to factor this in – $ 10-30 per day extra depending on how often and how expensive. Even at cheaper places, club covers and multiple drinks at bars will add up.

    So it would be possible to spend as little as $ 50 per day plus your plane ticket and rail pass, but $ 75-125 per day is more realistic for most travelers.

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