how considerably on typical does it price to vist europe?

europe by train package
by james_gordon_losangeles

Question by Mrs ACO: how significantly on typical does it price to vist europe?
how do you vist europe and not break the bank?

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Answer by creativemurph
I was planning to go to Germany, Switzerland and Austria for 11 days with a student tour group. It ran around $ 2,600 just for the flights, hotel and guided tours. This didnt of course incorporate spending money or cash for additional food and so on. (STUDENT TOUR GROUPS RUN Less costly THAN Other folks).
I would recommend saving all you can. If you operate, it would be a very good notion to set aside a certain percentage of your paycheck aside in a savings account. In a handful of months, or a year, you could be capable to spend for a basic trip.

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