how considerably on typical does it price to vist europe?

Question by Mrs ACO: how significantly on typical does it price to vist europe?
how do you vist europe and not break the bank?

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I was planning to go to Germany, Switzerland and Austria for 11 days with a student tour group. It ran around $ 2,600 just for the flights, hotel and guided tours. This didnt of course incorporate spending money or cash for additional food and so on. (STUDENT TOUR GROUPS RUN Less costly THAN Other folks).
I would recommend saving all you can. If you operate, it would be a very good notion to set aside a certain percentage of your paycheck aside in a savings account. In a handful of months, or a year, you could be capable to spend for a basic trip.

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  1. well it depends when you go, where you’re going from and where you go. The cheapest time to fly is the off season (October-April), and where you fly form. If you go in the fall throught the winter it should be about $ 4000 USD for about 3 wks. Includling air fare, lodding, and food.

    Try for cheap plane tickets. Also try Rick Steves “Europe throught the Back Door” for good ways to save cash. Its available on for about $ 14.

  2. You don’t visit Europe without breaking the bank. Unless you save up enough for your trip. You need to figure that out yourself. First, it’s going to cost at least $ 1000 for the airfare. Figure closer to about $ 1200, just to be safe, though this DOES depend on where you plan to fly to. The best way to figure this out is to get online, and check out the sites that sell these things…go to Orbitz or one of those sites to find tickets. You can figure out what your hotels will cost through them, as well, or you can check out the cities where you want to go, and find out on the links through them for lodging. Look up what meals will cost through a search of restaurants for any given city.

    For instance, if you are planning to go to Paris from New York, search RT airfares New York to Paris. Then search Paris lodging, then Paris restaurants. If you want to go to the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, top of the Arc de Triomphe, Musée du Louvre, you search each of these and look for entrance fees. (I’m pretty sure that Notre Dame is free, and the Arc de Triomphe costs to go up, but if you choose to just walk around it, that’s free). Then figure out if there’s something special you want to buy, how much that will cost, and figure out how much you want to spend on souvenirs. Assume you might find something is WAY too expensive, but then, you might find something else that you’ll absolutely HAVE to have! You also want to find out about how much you’ll need for public transportation. How much is the multiple day ticket for the Metro, for example. Then, add up everything, and add another 15% or so, because everything will go up before you leave.

    Thing is, with inflation, and the weak dollar, it’s going to cost you, no matter how you slice it. Eastern Europe is cheaper than Western. Youth Hostels (if you are under 26) are a great option, a bit less great if you are over 26. Hostels and Pensions are the next least expensive lodgings, and if you are going to be in one place for more than a week, apartments make a good choice…sometimes cheaper, because they give you a discount after a week.

    Eating in cheaper places helps, or, better yet, buying picnic stuff at groceries and little boutiques. I did the backpacking thing on little more than bread, margarine, cheese and water most of the time, and a little dry package of soup with rice a couple of nites a week. Meat, only occasionally. I REALLY went on a shoestring! But that was many years ago, the dollar was stronger, and I was young and didn’t care if I got to wash my hair every night. I saved on lodging a number of times, by sleeping on the trains. You feel a bit grungy in the morning, but you live with it. You’re not likely to meet anyone you’ll ever see again, and if you do, well, they’re pretty much living the same way, and they don’t care.

    Hope you can do it…I put a little in a special account every week until I have enough, then go…only way to save.

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