which eurail pass would you use to travel monaco, italy and croatia?

Eurail Select Pass
by Darkroom Daze

Question by char simp: which eurail pass would you use to travel monaco, italy and croatia?
would a eurail select three operate despite the fact that croatia does not board with the other two or would you get a global pass? and do all train stations in the the three countries take eurail passes? thanks.

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Answer by conley39
I would not get a railpass at all for this trip unless I were going from Monaco straight to Rome or Naples and then to Croatia with out making shorter jumps in between locations. Railpasses are hardly ever worth the money here in Italy. It is virtually often cheaper to acquire individual tickets. See the section on “Widespread railpass errors: Italy…” here: http://www.seat61.com/Railpass-and-Eurail-pass-guide.htm . Monaco is a quick, economical ride to Ventimiglia just across the French/Italian border. The internet site supplied above has a lot of beneficial info on train travel here including detail on choosing and making use of railpasses plus hyperlinks to the various national rail web sites where you can locate schedules and value data for person tickets. There are some regional railroads here in Italy that are not incorporated in the railpasses, but treinitalia, the French national railroad and Croatian national railroad are incorporated.

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