How does the Eurail youth choose pass work with night trains?

Question by tres_passe: How does the Eurail youth select pass work with night trains?
On our study abroad, some friends and I were planning on taking the train to some other countries outside of where we’re staying. We are buying Eurail youth selectpasses for our program and were thinking of adding our extra trips onto the pass fee.

How does taking the night train work when you have the pass we’re getting? Is there an extra fee for the night train? We were wondering if we could save money from staying in hostels by just using our passes for the night train.

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Answer by ernesthinton
Do you want a local train, an ICE or a TGV
How many countries are you traveling through
How many days will you use the pass

Europe is more technologicallly advanced that the United States. We were made suckers by the oil industry. Everyone in Europe rides trains. Trains run every 30 minutes and more often to anywhere you want to go for a very cheap price compared to Greyhound. you can go from Rome to Venice in 4 hours and you can travel all the way to Cork Ireland. it is awesome

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