How does a Eurail Select pass work?

Question by tinytapper64: How does a Eurail Select pass work?
I want to travel between Italy and Switzerland and for that i need to at least get a 3 country select pass. I was wondering if i get that pass does that mean i can travel to and from those countries or just within them?
*** i would be traveling throughout italy, and going into switzerland and then coming back into italy also do i need to make reservations for trains or just go and show the ticket counter my eurail pass

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Answer by Michael
It means unlimited travel in three countries for “x” number of days. Probably not worth it for a single trip. The train is a really expensive way to go. Book a flight on easyjet ( instead. Rome to Geneva is about 90 euro one way for a flight tomorrow… only about 25 euro for a flight two months from now.

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